How to Apply for your European Health Insurance Card - your options:

Online at this website - will give you the added peace of mind that your application has been thoroughly checked before submission. Cost: £21.99 (standard processing), £26.99 (express processing).
N.B. You should allow approx. 7-10 days for your card(s) to arrive with the express service, and approx. 10-12 days with standard service. In either case, the EHIC is free - you are paying for us to check your application, contact you where appropriate, and submit your application for processing.
2. Online at the NHSBSA website - There is no application review service, and therefore no cost at all. N.B. the NHSBSA website is not open 24/7.
3. By telephone - call 0845 606 2030 to use the NHSBSA Automated Telephone Service. No application review service, and no cost.


This website is not connected with any government department. We offer a check & send service for EHIC applications. You may also apply independently via the government website at, or by telephone direct to the Automated Service at NHSBSA on 0845 606 2030 (cost of telephone call only).

Benefits of our service:

  • All applications are checked for errors & omissions, we make direct contact with you if we find an error and resolve it prior to processing
  • We replace lost & stolen cards
  • Free auto renewals
  • Our telephone lines are open until midnight
  • We offer a free advisory service

What you will need in order to apply:
New applications: You will be asked to enter your name(s) and date(s) of birth, together with your address, phone number and email address. In addition, you must enter either your National Insurance number (in the format AA123456A) or your NHS Number. For any dependent children, if you do not know their number, you should enter that of the main applicant in the space provided.
Applications for renewal - the information required is exactly as for new applications, but you will also need to supply your EHIC PIN, which you will find printed on your current card.
Lost or Stolen Cards - please call NHSBSA direct on 0845 606 2030

More Information & Frequently Asked Questions:

1. EHIC - what is it? European Health Insurance Card is a reciprocal healthcare arrangement that exists between governments of all EEA countries and Switzerland, whereby residents of member countries can enjoy free or reduced cost medical care in other member countries.

2. If I carry my EHIC, do I also need travel insurance? Yes, you do - the EHIC is not a replacement for travel insurance (e.g. it will not pay for the cost of emergency repatriation or your stolen luggage!). In fact, many travel insurance providers insist that you also carry your EHIC - European Health Insurance Card, and will reduce or remove your policy excess where you can show that you have reduced the total cost by making use of EHIC.

3. If EHIC gives me free or reduced cost medical care in other EEA countries, can I go to one of them for my operation? No - you may not obtain healthcare in other EEA countries if the purpose of your trip was so to do. EHIC is designed to provide medical care on the basis outlined above in cases only where the need has arisen unexpectedly.

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